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Small Salad Bowl (1280)


(23cm diam x 11.5cm height)

Not just for Salad, this bowl can be used for vegetables, potatoes, fruit salad etc and also suitable to use in the Microwave, Dishwasher and Oven

was €60.00 now €45.00 incl VAT
Saving €15.00
Medium Jug (134F)

(16.5cm x 19.4cm x 14cm)

Very practical jug – ideal for water, juice or even sangria or simply use it for flowers or your kitchen utensils. Suitable for use in the dishwasher and microwave.

was €58.00 now €43.50 incl VAT
Saving €14.50
Medium Lamp & Coolie Shade (7439) Special Offer

Matching Lamp & Shade

Lamp Height: 41cm
Shade Size: 18 inch Coolie

was €298.00 now €223.50 incl VAT
Saving €74.50
Large Posy Jar (304E)

Height: 18cm

Width at base: 6cm

Width at top: 14cm

This Contemporary vase in our vibrant Russet glaze is beautiful as a stand alone piece but is also very practical for that bunch of flowers!

was €52.00 now €36.40 incl VAT
Saving €15.60
Flower Pot & Plate (323S) Special offer

(18.5cm x 13.3cm x 18.5cm)

was €58.00 now €43.50 incl VAT
Saving €14.50
Oil Lamp & Wick – Special Offer (6100)

(12cm x 11cm x 12cm)

Create an atmosphere at your Christmas dinner this year with our Tenmoku Oil Lamp.

(Ball and wick included)

was €48.00 now €36.00 incl VAT
Saving €12.00
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