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Media Quotes

“There are big full-bosomed vases… splendidly ample platters, generously fashioned teapots. There is a wole range of lamps, there are decorative bathroom sinks, there are even meticulously designed door-knobs. About all his work there is big-headedness, a breath of imaginative design and decoration, and always immaculate craftmanship.”
The Irish Times

“Louis Mulcahy is undoubtedly one of the best known and most interesting of Irish potters. His dynamic personality expresses itself in very large vases, jars, urns and lamps (and giant teapots and vast plates) of high quality. The work is utterly distinctive, a golden bridge between the exclusively functional and the exclusively non functional, filling the aesthetic doctrine that useful things should be beautiful and beautiful things should be used.”
An Droichead

“Ireland’s pre-eminent potter, Louis Mulcahy’s luminous glazes adorn everything from tableware to vast signature vases, and the unfussy designs are beguiling.”
The New York Times

“Potadóireacht na Caolóige is now the best known pottery in Ireland.”
Cork Examiner

“He makes impressive lamp bases, absolutely splendid urns and vases, many of which stand between three and four feet high, all ample, full bodied, all beautifully made, in a range of glazes and varied decorations.”
Ireland of the Welcomes

“Mr. Mulcahy has become one of Ireland’s most original and compelling artists. The bold lines and grand dimensions of Mr. Mulcahy’s work … are imposing, but their simple design and lustrous glazes complement any setting.”
The New York Times

“There can be little dispute which is the best. Louis Mulcahy’s designs, the scale of his work and their decorations are highly distinctive.”
The Sunday Tribune

“This is the kind of Irish ceramic art which I would like to see in public places as well as in private houses ”
The Irish Times

“the distinctive blue/green of Louis Mulcahy whose products meet all the requirements of modern day living”
Lifestyle Ireland on Sunday, March 26th, 2000

“lovely to look at and touch”
U Magazine

“agus an caighdeán aoibhinn sin is dúil do Photadóireacht na Caolóige ar fail”.
R.T.E. Guide

“One of the last big Potteries to work exclusively in the traditional fashion”.
Sunday Business Post

“a wonderful sensitivity to colour shading and harmonization emerged”
Image magazine

“a life shaped to break the mould”
Irish Examiner

“His world famous pottery is noted for its distinctive and lustrous glazes.”
Moving In magazine

“Ionad ar leith is ea Potadóireacht na Caolóige”
R.T.E. Guide

“Louis’ work which is famous worldwide is without doubt the most interesting of all Irish Potteries”.
Moving In magazine

“Like the Pottery, the lampshades have a design simplicity that is synonymous with images of the natural landscape of the Dingle Peninsula.”
House and Home magazine

“Louis Mulcahy work is far trendier and has much more appeal to the stylish of today – than cut glass etc.”

“Mulcahy goes for unusual colour combinations to create his look and it works”
Ireland on Sunday

“remarkable for its many distinctive and lustrous glazes”
Kingdom newspaper

“ceramics from some of Ireland’s most noted designers John Rocha, Louise Kennedy, Louis Mulcahy….”
Ireland on Sunday 

“One of the finest craftsmen in Ireland”
Irish Prime Ministers

“Potters such as Mulcahy who are at once artists, craftsmen and organizers of the equivalent of a studio are a phenomenom of the past 30 years.”
B.Fallon, Arts Editor, Irish Times

“Louis Mulcahy’s rounded bulbous lampbase in a seascape blue/green is simple yet stunning”
Mary Henry, Sunday Independent

“Under the guidance of Louis Mulcahy, Ireland’s most famous Pottery has achieved a reputation for excellence that has spread to all parts of Europe and the United States”.
Kerryman, March

“He makes absolutely splendid Urns and Vases many of which, stand between three and four feet high, full bodied, all beautifully made in a range of glazes and varied decorations.”
M.Fitzgerald, Ireland of the Welcomes

“”but personally I admire him most on a big scale when he achieves a monumental, quasi primitive almost “”heroic” quality. Certainly he is one of the central and most consistently creative figures in the live area of Irish Crafts”
Brian Fallon, Arts Editor, Irish Times

“there is something of the air of that great arts and crafts figure William Morris about Mulcahy’s work in Dingle””.
Anne Lucey, Cork Examiner

“The designs are simple, sensuous and strong”.
Miami Herald

“Louis Mulcahy is Ireland’s leading Potter”
Editorial, Kerryman

“They came from places as far apart as Italy and Ballydavid to watch the Master Craftsman at work. ”

“style is always Louis Mulcahy”
Irish Times

“even pottery sinks”
Milwaukee Journal

“towards Ballyferriter you will pass several Potteries. The best of these is Louis Mulcahy’s Potadóireacht na Caolóige”
Travel and Leisure

“The designs are simple, sensuous and stark”
Everett Pottery, Western Hills Press U.S.A. 

“25 years on he is arguably without rivals in the field of Irish design development. His work is internationally acknowledged.”
Mary Henry, Irish Homes

“Louis Mulcahy: about all his work there is a big-heartedness, a breath of imaginative design and decoration and always immaculate craftsmanship. Renowned for his very large vases, jars, urns, lamps, teapots and plates. Perhaps Ireland’s best known Potter.”
The Sunday Tribune

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