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Place Setting (125E/123G/126E)

Each place setting consists of a side plate, bowl and dinner plate. Each piece is suitable for use in the Microwave, Dishwasher and Oven.

Side Plate          19cm diam.

Bowl                   23cm diam.

Dinner Plate     28cm diam.

Small Straight Conical Lamp and Cone Shade (7405)

Lamp 26cmH x 12.5cm W at base

Shade 20.3cm diam at base

This is an ideal lamp for a bedside locker, with it’s wide base it and contemporary shade it will suit any type of interior.

€105.00 incl VAT
Piggy Bank (6170)

16.5cmH x 14cmW x 17cmL

Each Pig is hand thrown and hand built and will have it’s own character, therefore the size and shape will vary slightly from the image depicted. These make an ideal New Baby or Christening Gift.

€65.00 incl VAT
Large Bowl (129B)

Large Bowl – ideal for salads, pasta or potatoes. Suitable for use in the Microwave, Dishwasher and Oven. 26cm diam x 14cm in height.

As with all of our pottery – each piece is handmade and glazed so slight variations may occur from the image depicted.

Large Tea Pot (117E)

(23cm H x 20cm Diam) This large tea pot holds approx 6 to 8 mugs and makes an ideal family tea pot. Not suitable to place on hob, gas burner or direct heat.

€110.00 incl VAT
Medium Tea Pot (116E)

(23cm x 18cm x 28cm)

Narrow Rectangular Dish (205A)

(14.5cm x 3.5cm x 30cm) This dish is ideal for bread, garlic bread or vegetables. Suitable for use in the dishwasher, microwave and oven.

€69.00 incl VAT
Small Rectangular Dish (2050)

(19cm x 4.5cm x 23.8cm)

Platter (2040)

(37cm d x 2cm h)

Lidded Casserole Dish (2020)

(17cmH x 22cm Diam)

€109.00 incl VAT
Medium Mirror (5030)

35cm diam (incl. Ceramic frame) Glass 21.5cm diam. Our Mirrors compliment our Hand thrown Wash Basins and ideal for any bathroom, but they can also be hung anywhere else in your home.

Flower Pot & Plate (324S)

(23.5cm x 8.5cm x 23.5cm)

Shouldered Vase (3070)

(14cm x 23.5cm x 14cm)

Very Large Wide-Necked Vase (306C)

(24cm wide on top x 32cm height)

Wide Neck Vase – ideal for that large bunch of flowers, also wide on the base for extra balance.

€109.00 incl VAT
Large Wide-Necked Vase (306B)

(16.2cm x 22.8cm x 16.2cm). Wide neck vase, ideal for flowers.

Tall Straight Vase (3060)

This is an ideal vase for Tulips or Carinations. Because of it’s slender shape it sits ideally on your kitchen window sill and is a beautiful piece – even without the flowers!

(31cm high x 11cm wide)

Large Bowl (132B)

(15cmH x 30cmD)

€104.00 incl VAT
Fruit Bowl (1310)

(34cm x 7.5cm x 34cm)

This bowl is ideal for fruit but also works very well for salads. With the Fuchsia Motif in the center it is also a beautiful stand alone piece and makes an ideal Wedding, Engagement or House warming gift.

€108.00 incl VAT
Wine Cooler (103C)

(15cm x 24cm x 15cm)

Small Curved Lamp Base (402A)

(17.6cm Diam of base x 24.6cm H) – Lampbase Only

Small Curved Lamp base, ideal for a small area or on a bed side locker. This lamp is suitable to use with a Cone Shade (K10B) or a Cylinder Shade (Y10R).

€105.00 incl VAT
Small Round Lampbase (4040)

(14cm x 21cm x 14cm) – Lampbase Only

€94.00 incl VAT
Small Conical Lampbase (4000)

(13cm x 20cm x 13cm) – Lampbase Only

€82.00 incl VAT
10″ Cone Banded (K10B)

(25cm diam x 26cm high  x 9cm diam on top)

€63.00 incl VAT
12″ Cone Banded Shade (K12B)

12″ Cone Shade – ideal with our slender lamps, can also be used with other lamps. It’s an ideal shade if you’re stuck for space as it’s slender but tall!

(30.5cm diam x 32cm high x 12.5cm diam on top)

€70.00 incl VAT
16  Banded Shade (C16B)

16″ Banded Shade (40.5cm diam on bottom x 12cm diam on top). These shades are cotton and the band of colour is hand painted to compliment our pottery glazes. We also have a large range of other colours available and we can paint a shade to match your decor – email dingle@louismulcahy.com for a swatch and further details.

€74.00 incl VAT
18  Banded Shade (C18B)

18″ Banded Shade (46cm diam on bottom and x 13.5cm diam on top).

These shades are cotton and hand painted to compliment our glazes. A full range of other colours are also availbale, please email dingle@louismulcahy.com for further details.

€85.00 incl VAT
20″ Banded Shade (C20B)

(51cm diam x 28cm high x 15cm diam on top)

€103.00 incl VAT
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